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The Adobe Brothers

Jemez Stage: 3:00 PM

The Adobe Brothers is an eclectic group of identical quadruplets that play a wide variety of acoustic music including bluegrass, Celtic, old-timey, Latin folk music and western swing - a composite style they refer to as "international bluegrass." Their tunes include compositions by members of the band, classics by some of the best-known acoustic musicians of this century, some of the most obscure tunes and songs written by folks nobody's ever heard of, and new music by emerging performers. They've been playing together for more than 30 years and have performed throughout New Mexico and the Southwest. The band has received awards for their performances and individual band members have won awards for their compositions and instrumental ability.

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Alborz Trio

Jemez Stage: 1:00 PM

Sourena Sefati, Gregory Gutin and Deborah Unger have played together since 2016. Sourena Sefati is an Iranian composer and Santour (hammered dulcimer) player. He started playing Santour at the age of eleven. He received his Bachelor's degree in Iranian Music from University of Tehran (2002) and his Master's degree in Iranian Music Performance from Art University of Tehran (2008). He won the award for best composer of Iranian music at Art University in 2006. He was music instructor at Art and Elmi-Karbordi Universities in Tehran from 2008 to 2014. Sourena is the author of a book "etudes for Santour". He has performed in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and was soloist at Iran Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra (2009 to 2014), Iranian Chamber Orchestra (2009), and Mehrnavazan National Orchestra (2011). Sourena moved to the United States in 2014, and teaches Iranian music in Albuquerque.

Gregory Gutin ~ Percussionist: Cajon, Darabuka, Bendir, Daf A native of the Rocky Mountains, Gregory has lived in Northern New Mexico since 1992 as a musician, artist, educator and art therapist. He has worked in the Santa Fe Public Schools as a teaching artist with the Partners in Education Artworks Program for over 12 years, using both music and visual arts as a vehicle for inspiration and change. He works as a counselor with local youth to help inspire them towards a healthy, creative and mindful relationship with the multi-layered world we inhabit. He plays regularly with local groups EvaRusnik, Trio Andaluz and the Zevk Ensemble, along with a variety of other musical collaborations.

Deborah Ungar is a pianist and multi-instrumentalist with a background in International Politics, Economics, and Sociology. She is a recognized performer and educator in the classical genre, earning degrees in piano, music theory, and music education. She has performed at world music festivals and in a variety of musical settings across the US and Europe. Her recent work explores the roots of ethnomusicological practices of Balkan, Sephardic, and their interconnectedness through performances and education. Deborah is Adjunct Faculty at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design Contemporary Music Program, World Music Instructor for the Mandela International Magnet School, Music Specialist at the arts-based Nava Elementary School, Woodwind Faculty with World Arts Woodwind Institute, and Education Manager and Curriculum Specialist for the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival. She currently performs with Rumelia, Rumelia Klezmer Band, and works as a freelance accompanist and chamber music performer in and around Santa Fe.

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Sandia Stage: 12:30 PM

Baracutanga is an Africaan voicing that means "people dancing". The seven-piece band, representing four different countries (Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, USA), prides itself on arranging traditional South American rhythms in new and interesting ways, such as huayño and cumbia with Middle-Eastern darbuka or mixing Afro-Cuban bata and Afro-Peruvian festejo with Andean zampoñas, among several other rhythmic combinations. This kind of experimentation, coupled with blending ancestral traditions with a modern sensibility, has resulted in an exciting and distinct Latin flavor all its own that leaves dancing crowds always wanting more.

Lyrically and musically, Baracutanga proposes to build bridges between the south and the north, overcoming the barriers of discrimination. Aside from their affinity and respect for native rhythms from the lands of their ancestors, the group finds common ground in creating songs that cross linguistic and cultural barriers, promoting intercultural experiences that empower Latinos with a positive message of self-affirmation. They fervently oppose all types of violence and conceive their music as a vessel to increase and acknowledge cultural pluralism.

Baragutanga's live shows are joyous, intense and explosive with fronting duties split between powerful Peruvian songstress Jackie Zamora and the band's exuberant beating heart, Bolivian multi- instrumentalist Kilko Paz (son of famed Bolivian activist Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui). Added magic comes from extraordinary Ecuadorian multi-instrumentalist Carlos Noboa. The group is rounded out by an extremely talented and inventive cast performing on guitars, horns, flutes, accordions, vibes, an array of percussion and all manner of string instruments and is often joined on stage by Afro-Peruvian and Latin dancers.

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Bayou Seco

Jemez Stage: 6:00 PM

Echos of Cajun and Creole dance halls, New Mexican Spanish Colonial bailes, Arizona's native desert people, the Tohono O'odham, and of the real, pre-Hollywood Cowboy, this eclectic mix blends tastefullly and respectfully into an historical repertoire which is played with great energy and excitement with the spirit of hot chile. For 39 years Bayou Seco has been collecting and learning and teaching the music of these cultures from traditional musicians. Ken sings and plays sizzling 1 and 3 row diatonic accordians, fiddle, banjo, mandolin and harmonica. Jeanie does some beautiful singing in French, Spanish and English, and plays soaring 5-string fiddles, and guitar. Bayou Seco's brand of Southwestern Chilegumbo - Cajun two-steps, waltzes, polkas and rancheras, chotis's, meringues and huapangos, and, perhaps a broom dance, is cross- cultural, multi-lingual and transcends labels and pigeon holes. Bayou Seco's roots are in the deep south and southwest, but their branches reach far across the world.

Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie are the heart of this group that has been going strong since 1980 and they live in Silver City.

Jeanie McLerie has been a professional musician since 1962, performing in the U.S., Canada, and Europe with the groups: Sandy & Jeanie, The Harmony Sisters, and The Delta Sisters. During the past 30 years, she has been the head of a school of fiddle instruction for children called "The Fiddling Friends" which focuses on an international repertoire of fiddle styles and music, with an emphasis on the sources of the music, including personal contact with traditional musicians.

Being from a very musical family from New Mexico, Arizona and California, Ken Keppeler, a fourth generation Southwesterner, grew up with the music of the region, He has been a professional musician since 1972 and has performed all over North America and Europe. He is also a violin maker and, with his partner Peter White, has made over 150 instruments that are being played throughout the United States. As part of Bayou Seco's continuing effort to document traditional musicians in the Southwest, he completed a survey of cowboy music and dance for the Smithsonian Institute and has a degree from the University of New Mexico in American Studies.

Both Keppeler and McLerie have apprenticed (studied for two years or longer) with the following master musicians: Dennis McGee (perhaps the greatest Cajun fiddler); Canray Fontenot (Creole fiddler); Maurice Berzas & Alphonse "Bois Sec" Ardoin (Cajun accordion players); Cleofes Ortiz (traditional New Mexican violinista); Antonia Apodaca (traditional New Mexican accordionist, guitarist and singer); Elliott Johnson (highly respected Tohono O'Odham) violinist; and Pete Lewis, cowboy fiddler.

They live in Silver City, New Mexico in an energy efficient home they built themselves, and they are very active in their local community with a volunteer operated radio station, KURU/GMCR and with teaching many people of all ages to play the fiddle.

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Bébé La La

Jemez Stage: 7:00 PM

Winners of two 2016 New Mexico Music Awards, Albuquerque's indie Folk Americana Français duo, Bébé La La, features singer-songwriter, guitarist, violist Alicia Ultan and vocalist-accordionist, Maryse Lapierre, originally from Quebec, Canada. Combining Lapierre's French influences with Ultan's original "art" songs, the duo boasts a unique and lovely repertoire that highlights their signature "stunning" harmonies.

Formed in 2010, the duo has performed throughout Albuquerque and surrounding areas, including at the Outpost Performance Space, Albuquerque Old Town, the Hillsboro Music Series in Hillsboro NM, and many other venues. Bébé La La has received high praise for their warm, friendly, refined and joyful performances time and again. David Steinberg of the Albuquerque Journal called them "a breath of fresh air" and of High Wire, one reviewer wrote, "The luscious vocal harmonies on this CD will have you panting for more!"

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Carrie Rodriguez

Sandia Stage: 3:30 PM

Sandia Stage: 8:30 PM

Carrie Rodriguez, a singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas, finds beauty in the cross-pollination of diverse traditions. A passionate performer, she effortlessly melds fiery fiddle playing, electrifying vocals and a fresh interpretation of new and classic songs with an "Ameri-Chicana" attitude. Her newest project, the upcoming Spanish/English album "Lola," is both a return to her musical roots and something of a departure where she delivers her own twangy, Texas-bred twist on Mexican Ranchera songs, creating culturally blended music for a culturally blended world. Inspired by the 1940's-era recordings of Carrie's great aunt, Chicana singing sensation Eva Garza, the album is a mixture of new and old songs. It features Spanish songs written by some of Carrie's favorite Mexican composers, as well as her own Ranchera-inspired original songs written in English, Spanish and "Spanglish."

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Dog Star

(Nearly) Unplugged Outlet: 5:30 PM

A blend of popular numbers drawn from: classic folk, blues, Celtic, bluegrass, country western, Southwest folk with a selection of original songs in the mix. Our presentation blends 2-3 part harmonies supported by guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, electric bass and percussion. We perform in lounges or restaurants, at special events or folk festivals, and concerts mostly for family audiences; however, we adjust our song list to fit the venue and audience. Dog Star has played sets from 30 minutes to 3 hours. We love to play for charity and other fundraisers as part of our commitment to the community of folk music. We call our music "Folk Fusion" and we try to share the absolute joy of folk music we have with every audience. CD due out in 2015. Please visit our website ( and listen online; the website also has a partial list of tunes we do or have done at recent performances.

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Far From Home

(Nearly) Unplugged Outlet: 11:30 AM

Far from Home plays a mix of traditional Irish and Celtic tunes. We bring a mix of ancient tunes from the Emerald Isle with more recent tunes written by contemporary players and composers, all in the traditional Celtic fashion. You'll hear polkas, jigs, reels, slow airs, slip jigs and hornpipes.

Jug of Punch

(Nearly) Unplugged Outlet: 2:30 PM

We play a mix of songs and tunes from the Celtic tradition.

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Kid's Showcase -
The Cactus Flowers

(Nearly) Unplugged Outlet: 10:30 AM

Ranging in ages from 7 to 14 years old, this young group of musicians is sure to get your feet tapping! Every kid plays at least 2, if not more, instruments! They play bluegrass, folk and American traditional tunes. Be sure to check out and support the next generation of music! Directed by Emily Anslover.


Jemez Stage: 11:00 AM

Merlettes are an all-girl, Merle Haggard inspired honky tonk band based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are all about the twang. And the girls: five sassy, up-to-date honky-tonk ladies fronted by vocalist Kristina Jacobsen on rhythm and lapsteel guitars, with mandolin and fiddle leads, a slap-happy upright bassist, and a deep-pocketed drummer. Featuring the tunes of Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Kitty Wells, and Tammy Wynette, along with Jacobsen originals in a classic C&W vein, they'll have you scorching the sawdust on the dance floor one minute and crying in your beer the next. Their air-tight, high lonesome harmonies captivate the ear and the heart as they celebrate the strength of our connections and the gritty twang of the human spirit.

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Nathan & Jessie

Sandia Stage: 2:30 PM

Jemez Stage: 9:00 PM

Nathan & Jessie are a fusion of jazzy folk and gypsy blues on National Reso-Phonic guitars and accordion, with interesting interplay between female and male vocals. Their trilingual performances are uplifting, fun, and with a message for people of all ages and cultures. The duo has traveled all over the world in the streets and on stages sharing their unique sound. They frequent Mexico and Europe, as well as New Orleans and are often joined by their talented musical friend, Trevor Mulvey on the upright bass.

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New Mexico Special Orchestra

(Nearly) Unplugged Outlet: 3:30 PM

Special Orchestra®, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to help persons with developmental disabilities share in the joy of making music. Using similarly tuned instruments (key of C), special orchestras can start playing right away! The New Mexico Special Orchestra, the pioneer ensemble of Special Orchestra, Inc., has been helping people with special needs make music since 1999. At we share adaptive music techniques developed here in New Mexico, globally.

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North Valley Tune Tanglers

Jemez Stage: 5:00 PM

The North Valley Tune Tanglers tangled their first tunes upon meeting at a music and dance weekend in northern New Mexico in 1999. The pair brings together many years of experience with old time music. Liz Stevens began fiddling in North Carolina in the 1980s. She played and sang with a trio based in Banner Elk, NC. She honed her dance fiddling style around Denver, CO in the 1990s. Multi-instrumentalist Michael Gallagher (guitar, 5-string and tenor banjos, fiddle, button accordion) learned his musical skills playing around the mid-Atlantic states while living in Philadelphia, PA. Michael has traveled widely in Mexico and grew to love the tight vocal harmonies of the traditional music there. He was a founding member of the Albuquerque-based Sandia Hots in 1998. Started as a contra dance band and soon finding their groove as a performance band, the group needed a new fiddler and recruited Liz in 2000. Liz and Michael both played with the Hots for more than 10 years.


Jemez Stage: 8:00 PM

Púca is the dynamic duo of Dave Firestine and Claire Jamieson Zucker. Strings, drums, hums, and feet! Claire and Dave bring a spontaneous collection of songs, tunes, and stories from the Irish and American old-time traditions into the modern setting. Energetic mandolin/ bouzouki interplays with Irish drumming, concertina & clogging, while songs range from hauntingly beautiful to just plain funny!

As a duo, Dave and Claire fully explore the rhythms and melodies of the tunes and achieve a strong synchronicity in their playing. Dave is one of the most rhythmic and precise mandolin players around--holding down the tunes, adding the bounce of syncopation, and always original and spontaneous in his interpretations. Claire is the chameleon of the duo, drumming one minute, jumping up to clog, or playing a traditional jig on the concertina the next. Songs are a highlight, varying between Dave's funny story songs and Claire's lyrical ballads or solo vocals. They bend gently between the genres of old time and Irish – taking the audience on a musical journey. Probably why they chose the band name, Púca, which is the name of a wild shape-shifting Irish mythical beast – or maybe they chose the name because it was the name of Claire's cat (also a bit wild and mythical).

Winners of Tucson Area Musician's award (Tammies) for "Best Female Vocalist" and "Best String Player" and when with the band "Round the House" they were six time winners of the Best Traditional Ethnic Band award. The pair has produced a total of 8 CDs with various bands. Beyond the duo, they play together in the nationally touring contradance band, STEAM! Dave is also renowned as the Walnut Valley Music Festival Carp Camp "jam meister" in Winfield, Kansas and both are leaders in Tucson's Irish and old time jam scenes. Dave also plays with the Privy Tippers and the Prairie Dog Picnic – contradance bands in Tucson, Arizona and Boulder, Colorado.

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Randy Granger

Jemez Stage: 2:00 PM

"Southwest World" musician Randy Granger is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, educator, workshop facilitator and recording artist from Las Cruces, New Mexico. An award-winning musician he performs around the US at festivals, theaters, House Concerts, national parks, yoga studios and more. His unique instruments include Native American and world flutes, Handpans, world percussion, guitar and voice. A "Mestizo" of Chol and Apache ancestry, he headlines Native American festivals and has won or been nominated for several ISMA's and NAMMY's. Randy has been profiled on All Thing's Considered, PBS, KTEP and numerous print and broadcast venues. Randy's YouTube channel, Lonegranger, has over 1.7 million views.

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Red Light Ramblers

(Nearly) Unplugged Outlet: 4:30 PM

Red Light Ramblers makes you want to kick up your heels with a lively organic blend of Cajun, old- time, Irish, bluegrass, and folk-esque tunes all while singing in three-part harmony. The musicians are Barb Belknap (mandolin, melodeon), Mike Hill (fiddle, guitar), and Marc Robert (banjo, guitar). Always ready to have a good time, they welcome the opportunity to play and share the joy of foot- stomping, down-home music. They'll send you home with a lift in your step. Red Light Ramblers' musicianship and delightful three-part harmonies have brought the Ramblers opportunities to play at numerous Albuquerque venues such as O'Niell's Pub, The Range Café, Shade Tree Customs Cafe, Anasazi Fields Winery; for nonprofit groups such as the Wild Earth Guardians, Vista de Oro Wildlife Refuge, Corrales Arts in the Park; and for larger events including the Albuquerque Folk Festival, the Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest, the Southwest Bacon Festival, and others. They've played the ABQ Folk Festival stage and have volunteered in the Jam with a Band performances.

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Rumelia Collective

Sandia Stage: 4:30 PM

Rumelia Collective is a group of musicians who love playing the music of the Balkans and Mideast, as well as many other musical styles from around the world. The group weaves an intricate and mesmerizing blend of contemporary and traditional folk elements in their sultry arrangements of Balkan, Roma, Turkish and Greek music. Originally founded in 2010, Rumelia Collective has expanded their collaborations to include many internationally renowned musicians, bringing forth modern instrumentation in traditional tunes of the Balkan peninsula with finesse and style.

"Rumelia" comes from the word "Rumeli" meaning "Land of the Romans," a Turkish word used to describe the Southern Balkan region. The music is unique to the western ear in that it uses odd time signatures (5/8, 7/8, 9/8, and 11/8), close harmonies, as well as eastern scales (maqamat) and tonalities. Rumelia Collective's core repertoire is derived from traditional and popular tunes of Albania, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria, to name a few.

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Seth Hoffman
and the Temporary Tattoos

(Nearly) Unplugged Outlet: 12:30 PM

The Temporary Tattoos are an electric folk band whose original material runs the gamut from spaghetti-western ballads to roots-country to funkified reggae rock. Rising from the dust of Albuquerque, NM, the "Temp Tats" feature Seth Hoffman (guitar/vox/harmonica), Debo Orlofsky (accordion/vox), Aaron Toth (bass), and Joel Grieshaber (drums/vox). Male/female harmonies and interweaving guitar, harmonica, and accordion, backed by the heartbeat of the rhythm section, create the swing-moving grooves of their high desert rock.

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Silver String Band

Sandia Stage: 11:30 AM

Silver String Band, Albuquerque's premier folk/bluegrass/americana ensemble, established in August of 2015 as a collaboration between musicians already deeply entrenched in the New Mexico music scene. With a name inspired by the streets of Albuquerque, SSB continues in the steps of local Old Time favorite Peg Leg Joe, who experienced a lineup change in early 2015 and knew they couldn't just allow themselves to leave behind the truth they'd found through their musical collaboration. Silver String Band gives a nod to their past with some old time references but truly hits their stride playing traditional bluegrass favorites and creative covers in the bluegrass style.

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Singer Songwriter Showcase

Jemez Stage: 10:00 AM

These three singer/songwriters are each individual performers but we are featuring them for one performance. They will all be on stage together and will perform their own original songs Nashville-style, in the round

Kristina Jacobson: New Mexico based singer-songwriter Kristina Jacobsen combines elements of honky tonk, western, Americana and roots music to create soulful, place-based songs. Inspired by living in Norway, Italy the Navajo Nation and her life as both an anthropologist and a Park Ranger, she performs on acoustic and lapsteel guitars, joining expansive, yodeling melodies to lyrics delving into the beauty and pain of human experience. Drawing favorable comparisons to Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams and Patty Loveless, Kristina's songs are equal parts honest, fiery, and open-hearted. Kristina also fronts and writes songs for the Merle-Haggard inspired honky tonk band, Merlettes.

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Meredith Wilder: Meredith Wilder grew up in the Albuquerque music scene and now lives in Colorado. She started performing her original songs at the age of 16 and recorded a solo album in 2008. Since then, she formed the folk-rock trio Wildewood (Self-titled and The Other Side) and toured nationally. She is currently preparing for an artist residency in Taos summer 2017. Mel Minter of Musically Speaking writes, "Could Wilder be the love child of Loretta Lynn and Leonard Cohen? Her songs have some of Lynn's country heartache and grit, and like Cohen, she's befriended desperation, having recognized it as a fellow traveler in the human condition. She also has the determination of each to resist self- delusion and endure the sweet ache of life."

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Seth Hoffman: Seth Hoffman is a playful singer songwriter for all ages. He has been performing locally in New Mexico, nationally, and internationally for the past 15 years. He uses his guitar, strumstick, harmonica, voice, and loop pedal to tell musical stories. Before long, he'll be like part of the family.

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Singing Pilgrims

Sandia Stage: 10:30 AM

The Singing Pilgrims band members have been making music together for close to 20 years--beginning when Bria and Natasha were small children in The Apple Mountain Harp Kids ensemble directed by Jeanne. Their musical journey morphed through their growing up years and most recently, Jeanne and Natasha played with the band The Next Chapter, (New Mexico Talent Showcase Champions) with performance credits such as the World Bodhran Festival near Killarney, Ireland, the North Texas Irish Festival, the Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival, and Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, to name a few. Thousands of Albuquerque residents attended their hugely popular ""Celtic Christmas Concert"" series held annually for a decade. When The Next Chapter retired from performance after 10 years together, Natasha and Jeanne invited Bria, (Natasha's sister) to join them in continuing their musical journey. They recently traveled to Ireland, sharing their music all along the way and are planning a return trip there in 2016.

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Soda Rock Ramblers

(Nearly) Unplugged Outlet: 1:30 PM

The Soda Rock Ramblers, united by their love of traditional music, delight dancers and listeners alike with their unique blend of spirited music featuring old-time American fiddle tunes from the South and Midwest and the haunting melodies from the Southwest, including Mexican tunes, music of the Rio Grande (Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado), and the beautiful and rare Guachi tunes from Arizona. Rounding out their repertoire are ragtime pieces and music from other parts of the world. Among them they play fiddle, mandolin, guitar, accordion, guittaron, bass, mandola, octave mandolin, manjo-uke, and banjo-uke. The SRR have appeared at festivals, concerts, house concerts, and square and contra dances throughout the West. Their dance music will keep you moving and their concerts showcase lovely harmonies and original compositions. The band features Scott Mathis on mandolin and guitarron, Linda Askew on guitar, Larry Edelman on fiddle, and David Cahn on fiddle.

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Squash Blossom Boys

Sandia Stage: 9:30 PM

The traditional, yet contemporary, Squash Blossom Boys bring together a mix of Old Time, Cajun, and driving Bluegrass music. Versed in jazz improvisation and music arrangement, the band creates a unique sound that explores the roots and boundaries of Americana. The band's stylistic versatility lends itself to the demands of multiple audiences. Since their inception, they have played at festivals, pubs, restaurants, farmer's markets and weddings. The music of the Squash Blossom Boys can be readily accommodated for pleasant easy listening, as well as upbeat, lively atmospheres.

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Stuart Kenney

Sandia Stage: 10:00 AM

Stuart Kenney is one of the most popular upright bass and five-string banjo players on the U.S. contra dance and acoustic folk music circuit. His regional musical interests sweep from Southwest Louisiana to Acadia and back to New England. Stuart toured with the late cajun master fiddler Mr. Dewey Balfa. He is a founding member of many great bands including The JEMS, StringRays, Tidal Wave, The Sevens, Airdance, and he spent 14 years touring with the legendary contra dance band Wild Asparagus. After contributing to more than 50 studio recordings, in 2014 he released his highly acclaimed solo recording, Red Case, featuring his original compositions–hauntingly beautiful melodies and ancient rhythms. In addition, Stuart's innovative teaching style has been presented at Jay Ungar's Fiddle and Dance, Maine Fiddle Camp, Port Townsend Fiddle Tunes, Pinewoods American Week, Bay Area CDS American Week (where he was Program Director for 2015 and 2016), and countless folk music and dance events around the country and overseas. Although Stuart's music has brought him coast to coast and beyond, his musical home is at the Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield, MA, where he plays for and hosts the TopHill Music and Dance Series.

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Sweetwater String Band

Sandia Stage: 7:30 PM

Jemez Stage: 12:00 PM

Sweetwater String Band is cello driven "soulgrass", founded in the Eastern Sierra of California in 2008. Beginning with a weekly gig at their local bar, the band quickly found themselves on the biggest stage in the area less than a year later at the Millpond Music Festival. Their music often deals with serious issues such as mountaintop removal coal mining, worker's rights, and finding middle ground in todays divided political arena. This seriousness is balanced by ghost stories, drinking songs, improvised jams, and tales from the long, lonesome road. Mandolinist Scott Roberts and cellist David Huebner write the material and together with Jeff Meadway on guitar and Patrick Ferguson on bass, work out the arrangements. They have completed two full length albums, and have a third in the works. It's worth noting that cellist David Huebner has a deep classical music background. Starting at the age of 7, he performed around his home in Los Angeles, including at the Hollywood Bowl, and twice appearing nationally on the Disney Channel.

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The Gregg Daigle Band

Sandia Stage: 1:30 PM

Gregg Daigle has been a mainstay of the Albuquerque folk and bluegrass community for over twenty years. During that time he has devoted his energy into developing a unique and solid approach to flatpick guitar playing. His banjo playing is inspired by a wide variety of musicians that spans decades. Over the years The Gregg Daigle Band has ventured into all sorts of instrumentation and styles and has finally worked its way to one of our favorites, the art of trio singing. Josh Gingerich has been jamming with Gregg for over three years. He's a great fit and adds a really strong voice as well as some great flatpicking and mandolin chopping. When he's not raising barns, he's working on writing new songs. Justin J. McLauchlin performs with an impressive amount of highly regarded musicians. Justin adds a great bass presence to the trio. His experience and mastery of blues, latin, and rock styles makes him a force in this bluegrass power trio. Following successful shows at Old Town and the ABQ Balloon Museum summer series, The Gregg Daigle Band plans to continue bringing their high quality bluegrass jam to the Southwest.

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The Harmaleighs

Jemez Stage: 4:00 PM

The Harmaleighs is composed of Haley Grant (Guitar/Vocals) and Kaylee Jasperson (Bass/Vocals). They found a mutual love for folk/americana and started creating music together in early 2013. Their memorable melodies and attention grabbing lyrics will keep you wanting more if their awkward (and hilarious) stage banter doesn't. The Harmaleighs honestly craft poetic, passionate, and powerful songs cut from a pastiche of indie, folk, pop and Americana. They released their debut album in Feb. 2015. Their single 'I Keep Ticking On' has reached over 1 million streams on Spotify. New Music is currently being created and expected by Spring 2017

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