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2017 Camping

Camping is FREE on Friday and Saturday night at the Balloon Museum in the designated campground area. The camping area will open at 3pm on Friday. Campers must vacate the festival campgrounds by 2pm on Sunday.

Entrance to Camping Area

Campsites for RV’s and tents will need to be spaced at least 20 feet apart. A fire lane must remain clear in and out of the campground area.


There are very few tent spots (under trees) where stakes can be put in the ground.

Canvas tents are not allowed due to fire safety issues; materials meeting a minimum fire retardant standard are necessary.


No running water will be available. Campers are responsible for carrying in their own water.

Electric Hookups:

No electricity will be available.

Grey Water:

No grey water dumping on the grounds at all!

A small grey water station will be provided for tent campers only at designated sites.


Leashed dogs are okay at the campground. Dogs are not allowed on the Festival grounds. If you choose to have your dog at the camp site, remember: Ensure its well-being (don't leave it in a car or on a short chain without water) and be sure to clean up after it.

“Parkin' lot pickin'”:

Expect parkin' lot pickin' all night. This is why many folks like to camp out. As long as acoustic music is being played, we do not expect that to disturb anyone. We recommend ear plugs for anyone who requires a full night of sleep in the campground!

Radios, stereos, RV generators and other loud devices:

Your campground neighbor would appreciate no loud noises in the campgrounds. Be considerate: NO LOUD RADIOS OR STEREOS AT ANY TIME. Persons causing a disturbance will be asked to leave. RV generators should be not be run before 9am or after 11pm. To be considerate After 9pm, please run generators if absolutely needed to cool the RV.


No campfires are allowed in the campgrounds. Fire Lanes will be maintained and kept open at all times.


Please report any port-a-johns needing service to the Information Booth.

City Ordinances apply with regard to drugs, beer, alcohol, firearms or pets on city property.

Donations and suggestions welcome at the Albuquerque Folk Festival fundraising/feedback table in the Balloon Museum.

Donations can help defray the cost of porta-potties and other camping facilities. AFF will welcome any amount of donation at the fundraising/Feedback table in the Balloon Museum.

Suggestions may allow us to improve camping for future festivals. However, please recognize that this is an all-volunteer event and additional benefits may depend on volunteers who are willing to champion an idea.

The Albuquerque Folk Festival and the City of Albuquerque are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Other Camping in the Area

If you'd like a few more camping amenities, here's a map of commercial campgrounds in the Albuquerque area: